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Empowering mission-driven organizations with user-centered, data-driven solutions

Who we are

Who we are

Lalo Consulting is a small consulting practice and software development company with extensive experience improving the way mission-driven organizations deliver services. We always adopt a data-driven and iterative approach anchored in users' needs.  


One of our areas of expertise is researching, building, and implementing solutions to solve hiring and retention problems at organizations adapting to the changing talent landscape (startups, Fortune 500 companies as well as governments looking to improve their hiring and retention strategies).

David Huebner

Founder and Principal

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What we do

What we do

Project management: Partnering with our clients to ensure the team stays aligned, on-time and on-target. We help teams adopt more agile practices breaking up the work into short sprints with clear goals and objectives so we can understand our pacing and course-correct as needed.  At the end of each sprint we have retrospectives to understand what we believe went well and what we want to improve upon.


Service design: We take the time to understand the service you are offering by breaking it up into smaller pieces and distinguishing between areas that are dependent on one another or inform one another. We love working with complex systems, making sense of them and collaborating with our clients to propose creative ideas for how your service could be improved.


Research: Research is at the core of all our engagements. This ensures that we have accurate problem definition, are delivering solutions that actually meet user needs and understand the trade-offs that come with every solution. We use a wide range of methods since our clients have varying levels of comfort and familiarity with research methods. Some of our most effective methods have included: participatory design workshops, ideation workshops, focus groups, one on one interviews, policy and rule analysis and lightweight prototyping.


Prototyping: Prototyping allows us to test small solutions with our clients to define user needs and show what’s possible. Prototyping has been most helpful for us when translating abstract concepts into tangible ideas and/or when working with clients who are not very familiar with more modern technology. We’re comfortable using a wide range of SaaS products or building our own tools, depending on the situation.


Data-driven: In order to ensure we are learning from our testing and prototyping of new ideas we need to have the means to monitor how people are engaging with them.  To accomplish this, we use sophisticated analytics platforms to monitor usage patterns and automated usability surveys to engage users at key touchpoints.


Iterative software development: As one analyzes the data described previously, it is important to ensure new processes and tools are structured in a way where they can be tweaked and iterated upon easily.  We deliver our work in short iterative cycles adapting each delivery to the feedback from the last cycle.


Procurement: Particularly for our public sector clients, we understand that procurement can be a lengthy and constraining process. We can help you with market analysis, weighing your procurement options, developing different types of requests (for information, for qualifications, for proposals), ensuring the right vendors are hearing about your needs, developing evaluation criteria and processes that will allow you to procure the solution you are looking for.


Analytics: We know how important it is for organizations to be making more data-driven decisions.  We work with our clients to understand the business problem they are trying to solve, the data that would inform one’s understanding of that problem, the way(s) one could capture information to better understand it, and then setting up processes to capture clean and well-structured data as well as providing actionable reports.  As part of this work, we help organizations understand the different levels of maturity that come with analytics and the importance of building a strong foundation before embarking on more sophisticated data analytics projects.


Sampe projcts

Sample projects

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City & County of San Francico

The Hiring Modernization Project (HMP) is a City-wide initiative that seeks to improve San Francisco’s hiring practices by adopting a user-centered and data-driven approach.  As part of this initiative, we have procured a new applicant tracking system (ATS) through a modular procurement process (learn more about the ATS RFP here).


Lalo has been leading this initiative with the City and County of San Francisco since 2017.

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Code for America Talent Initiative

There is a drastic shortage of technologists within the public sector. This is due to a number of factors, including a short supply of technologist roles, limited awareness surrounding what's possible in government, a largely homogeneous industry, and competition with the private sector. The Talent Initiative at Code for America is looking to address each of these pain points by building a movement of civic-minded individuals with digital skills to help deliver government services to the people who need them most.

Lalo has partnered with Code for America since 2017 to build and maintain the Public Interest Tech Job Board showcasing opportunities at the intersection of tech and government.

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Fellows Program Portal

Code2040 is a nonprofit activating, connecting, and mobilizing the largest racial equity community in tech to dismantle the structural barriers that prevent the full participation and leadership of Black and Latinx technologists in the innovation economy.


In collaboration with Crossroads Labs, Lalo Consulting has partnered with Code2040 to build the software to assess and match top performing Black and Latinx college-level computer science students as interns at top tech companies.



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